by: Gene & Rebecca Tobey


“On a hunting trip in the wilderness of Wyoming, Gene and I hiked several miles from camp, scouting the area that he was planning to hunt the following day. As we turned to head back at the end of the day, a huge bull elk walked out of the wooded valley below us. He was escorting his herd of cow elk and their calves…The herd slowly grazed across the big meadow, until the wind shifted and the bull elk picked up our scent. At that point, his head came up, and prancing back and forth, he gathered the herd together and nervously moved his family into the woods. It was a magical moment I will never forget.”

– Rebecca Tobey – Excerpt from “Partners in Art”

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 75
Dimensions: 7"H 8.5"W 3"D
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Wildlife