“Invisible Forces”

by: Bill Worrell

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“Invisible Forces”
Bill Worrell

Is an incomprehensible force
Love, like the wind is invisible.

Amazing are the feats of invisible forces.
They push ships across the seas and the oceans,
They lift the eagle above the highest mountains,
They bring the rains that give life to all creatures,
They sculpt the great dunes,
And shape the face of the earth.

The wind: what wonders it performs.

Love: what wonders it performs.
That invisible force has the power
To sculpt the human heart
And to shape the actions of men.
It has the power to calm anger
To end hatred
To bring mankind to reason
And to defeat all savage demons.

Infinite are the works of Invisible Forces.

Worrell – 04/23/06 – about noon
Highway 29 West to Mason.

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Medium: Bronze
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Style: Southwestern
Subject: Shaman