by: Susanne Vertel


The figurative bronze work of Susanne Vertel incorporates both spiritual and aesthetic elements into a synthesis of personal vision that has garnered her critical acclaim from both peers and collectors alike. Vertel works from the premise that the figure is a vehicle for expressing the underlying and often unconscious deeper focus of the mundane activities of everyday life.  Although her representational work occasionally makes use of the male image, her focus is often the many faces of woman. From her austere Russian “Babushka” series, to her graceful and aesthetic nudes, there is a thread of continuity, a going within, and a peacefulness that permeates much of her work and seems to touch an inner emotional space within the viewer.


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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: 20
Dimensions: 36"H 14"W 12"D
Style: Realism
Subject: Figures