“Inner Storm”

by: John Maisano


Bronze Wave Sculpture

I started to sculpt Inner Storm to be a follow up to The Great Wave sculpture. As with the Great Wave, I did not start with the intention of capturing any deep meanings. As both these pieces progressed, their true meaning became clear.

The Great Wave was a statement about life’s ups and downs. We come into this life gradually and grow just as the wave does. We leave this life gradually as seen in the end of the wave. It represents the journey we take through this life seen in one sculpture.

At different times in your life you will find yourself in a particular part of the wave. Sometimes you are at the beginning anticipating the swell, other times you are in the belly looking up at the ceiling about to collapse on you. Through it all there are beautiful moments of creativity and joy that appear as designs and bright shiny edges throughout the wave.

Inner Storm became more personal. As I am creating the designs among the swells I realized this ball of water is me. I may appear calm and smooth on the outside but inside I am in turmoil, raging and passionate like the waves. Here again however are beautiful moments of creativity happening throughout the sculpture. The designs represent the moments of creativity and beautiful people that come along in the midst of the storm.

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Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: 30
Dimensions: 10"H 9"W 9"D
Style: Art Deco
Subject: Seascape

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