“If I Could Fly”

by: Bill Worrell


“If I Could Fly”

Ravens dance above me
Floating in the sky
Softly touching wings
Gravity defied.

Their joy is manifest
And the pleasures they derive
Ride the winds with no effort
Makes me wish
Makes me wish
That I could fly.

If I could fly I would go
To the Gulf of Mexico
I would visit the clouds
Touch the mountains laced with snow.

I would marry the wind
A million things I would try
With nothing out of reach.

They call my name as they circle
I hear it as they cry
My soul aches to join them
But they are soaring out of sight.

They send a message from the spirits
Who were once as you and I
I understand what they tell me
They say some day…
Some day…
Some day will fly.

If I could fly I would soar
To some peaceful golden shore
With no hate, with no war
Where I would dwell forever more.

I would sing with rapture
Until the end of time…
That’s what I would do…
If I…-if I…-if I…-could fly.

Worrell – 06/01/06 – 4:56 p.m.
Just north of Clines Corners. Ravens soaring in a
beautiful New Mexico watercolor sky.

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