“I Reach to Forces Unseen”

by: Bill Worrell


“I Reach to the Forces Unseen”
Bill Worrell

There are Great Powers in things we cannot see
Great Spirit created many Forces
That mystify His people

We know the Forces are there
Even though we cannot see them

There is a Great Force that holds us to the earth
But we cannot see it

There is a Great Force that pulls objects together
That pushes them apart – but we cannot see it

We cannot see the Wind
Yet it shapes mountains
Moves the sands of the desert
Lifts the clouds, bends the trees
And the grasses of the prairies

We cannot see Love, yet its force is undeniable
We do not see Great Spirit
Though His works are all around us

Surely it is not foolish
To believe in Powers and Forces we cannot see

The birds walk on the wind, having faith to fly

Worrell – 5/22-23/02 – 8:35 a.m.

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