by: John Maisano


“Many of my pieces have deep personal meanings so I try to include those stories and incorporate them into the sculpture as I create them.
In many cultures the dragonfly symbolizes change and transformation. The native Americans knew if they saw a dragonfly in the desert, water was nearby, symbolizing hope.
For me it definitely symbolizes hope. When our beautiful girl cat Cricket was attacked and near death, she had a slow recovery and eventually could sit outdoors. A small green dragonfly would visit every time. Like a sign from heaven giving her and us hope. Upon her death many years later, I have seen a dragonfly on her grave many times.
The bear holds the dragonfly,  both trusting one another, and the designs begin to move up the arm of the bear and eventual emerge on the bears back in the complete form of the dragonfly. Embracing and becoming part of the dragonfly. The bear receives the message of hope and transformation.”-John Maisano

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Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: 50
Dimensions: 13.5"H 6.5"W 8.5"D
Style: Art Deco
Subject: Bear

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