“Heirloom Pendant”

by: Barbara Westwood

$5,000.00 The price varies on the jewelry due to composition. Please inquire with the gallery for more information.

Barbara Westwood Artist Photo

“Diamonds acquired over a lifetime, no longer worn, passed down from loved ones will be untied together in a one of a kind ‘Heirloom’ pendant,ring or earring to be worn, cherished and then passed on to future generations”

“Each pendant is custom made to accommodate many varied shapes and sizes of diamonds. Once the selection is decided Barbara Westwood will create a perfect mosaic of the featured stones. At this time, unless previously determined, the final width of the pendant is finalized and approved. At any time, the width and number of diamonds used can be modified for your needs. Diamonds wear best and are recommended for the ‘Heirloom Collection’ but sapphires can be added. This creates some wear-ability issues over time.”

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Medium: Yellow Gold or Platinum with Diamonds
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: Size Vaires
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract