“Gentle Persuasion”

by: Bill Worrell


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“Gentle Persuasion”
Bill Worrell

The only control you will ever have
Over this world and its peoples
Will be the control you maintain
Over yourself.

This is elemental!

To have a shelter you must build it
Or persuade someone else to build it.
To have a crop you must plant it
Or persuade someone else to plant it.

Rewards always demand actions.
The law of inertia prevails.
Matter is moved by force.
Thoughts are moved by persuasion.

If there is to be peace
It must begin within,
Then with gentle persuasion
It can reach all peoples.

Worrell – 01/03/06 – 8:52 a.m.
New Art, Texas, by a warm fire in the studio.

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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 50
Dimensions: 17"H 8.5"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Shaman