“Friends & Angels”

by: Bill Worrell


“Friends & Angels”
Bill Worrell

As if there is a difference between the two –
Friends & Angels

They are always beside you
Watching over you
Ever pulling you away from the doors of death
And the jaws of harm

They share your fears and sadness
They rejoice with you when you rejoice

Their smiles
And their touch
Bring to you calm and peace

What a vast and uncharted wilderness
Our journeys
Our odysseys
And how drab and dull life would be
Without Friends and Angels

I walked through the valley of the shadow of death
I would not have returned
From that dark valley
Without Friends & Angels

This is more than a metaphor –
It is the absolute truth

Do I believe in Angels?
I cannot respond without tears
They stood by my bed
They gathered ’round me
They laid their hands upon me

I am alive

Worrell – 01/14/12

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