“Forces of the Moon”

by: Bill Worrell

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“Forces of the Moon”

Great Spirit hung you in the sky
What power He gave you.
What forces He placed at
your command.

The oceans and the seas
Obey your summons.
At your command flowers open.
Your touch brings forth life.

From the dawn of humanity
You have been our wonder
and inspiration.
From you have come works of art:
Poems, songs, music, and promises.

Surely Great Spirit has entrusted to you
The power and the force
To inspire us to turn many tides:
To transform hate into love,
War into peace,
Brutality into kindness,
Poverty into plenty,
Disease into wellness,
Pollution into purity,
Waste into preservation,
Selfishness into generosity
And to inspire all people
To live in harmony
And beautiful co-existence.

Worrell – 4/02/03 – 12:30 p.m.
Inspired by B.J.

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Medium: Poster
Edition Type: Open Edition
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 31"H 24"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Shaman

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