“El Natural II”

by: Frasca/Halliday


The vessels of Frasca and Halliday are created from the burl, or root, of the redwood tree. Each piece is rough-cut with a chainsaw and then set aside to dry. These large pieces of wood can take years to dry, depending on their moisture content. At times the wood will crack during the drying process, and these naturally-occurring irregularities direct the artists’ final composition. After the wood is fully dried, many hours are spent carving and adding texture to a vessel.  Sometimes the artists choose to add stone or wood inlays, depending on what a particular piece of wood demands. There is no set formula, and each vessel is one of a kind.  The wood is protected with DEFT. Sanding sealer and topcoats are used to seal and finish the wood’s surface.  The artists have found over the years that these products are the best for showcasing the natural art of the grain, allowing their work to look as natural and untreated as possible.

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Medium: Redwood
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 39"H 13.5"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Abstract