“Dragonfly Tryst”

by: Sandra Brestel


“Unlike the durable petroglyphs that are incised into the rock, ancient pictographs were created using paints made from berries and minerals. Ever after thousands of years these sacred images remain, due to the foresight of ancient artist-shamans. To protect these images from the elements, they were often created
within a cave or alcove, effectively shielding them from the sun and weather. Some pictographs are believed to be 4000 years old!
The dance is a very important part of Native American culture, and this wonderfully painted pictograph depicts a circle of dancers. The image of these dancers meticulously painted upon the rock, becomes a testament to the spiritual significance of the dance and the magical nature of this site. This pictograph also
depicts a trio of flue playing Kokopelli. The origin of the Kokopelli is very complex and obscured by time. Some of these images date back as early as 500 A.D. We know him to be whimsical and mythical creature that was present in many celebrations and rituals. His image symbolizes different ideas to different tribes and clans, and he appears in many forms. We most often interpret the Kokopelli as a symbol of fertility and abundance spreading seeds, promoting crop growth, and bringing
summer warmth and rain.
The real magic of this sacred meeting place comes from the iridescent and darting dragonfly. The dragonfly is a powerful rain symbol and its magical flight is a perfect metaphor for the shaman’s soul flight to the spirit world. Dragonflies lead thirsty people to water, and have the power to cause parched springs to flow again. There are many legends that tell of the dragonfly’s magic, saving people and their crops from terrible droughts. All of these painted images create a sacred place of gathering, a place where prayers can be heard and rain dances are performed, with the hopes of attracting the magical dragonfly.”

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Medium: Acrylic
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 42"H 32"W
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Pictographs

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