“Conversations with Ellie”

by: Bill Worrell


“Heaven goes by favor, if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
~ Mark Twain

Author Bill Worrell beings by saying, “This is my second dog marriage.” Then, determinedly- but never academically- he moves into subjects of the humorous kind. Ellie May Lucille Worrell, the Golden Doddle, asks most of the questions while Worrell tries to come up with some, but certainly not all, of the answers.
If Mark Twain had written a book of human religion for dogs and dog religion for humans, this might be it. It is fun and loving romp in the worlds of accepted ideas that we, as human, use as a crutch to get around.
Not so with Ellie May Lucille who has her eye on the ball, or rather the Frisbee, and would rather play than ponder Worrell’s ploys. They are unique couple, reminding us on the fundamental truth, in the beginning God made Dog and keep in mind what many have said, Dog is God spelled backwards.

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