“Color Spectrum”

by: Frasca/Halliday

$980.00 Each

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Due to the fact that we live in a desert, the availability of good exotic wood is scarce. We began by carving cottonwood, pine, mesquite and ironwood, which are all local to the Southwest. As we developed furniture and sculptures we felt the wood that we were using were either too hard, brittle, or without enough interesting markings. We then went on a search for alternatives. We found maple, buckeye and redwood were better choices. We have worked directly with the loggers for years now. The loggers, having dealt with redwood for over 40 years, were very helpful in developing our understanding of the history of the redwood forests and the difficulties they have had with logging over the years. The burl is the root of the redwood tree and in years past has not had a use for the industrial loggers that cut and go. The burl is the most beautiful part of the tree, a fact that artists appreciate, while it is also the most difficult to cut as it is similar to cutting into a ball. The dirt and rocks that have become imbedded into the burl must be steam cleaned from the root before any cutting takes place.

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Medium: Mixed Media
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 60"H 6"W
Style: Contemporary
Subject: Abstract