“Blue Horizon”

by: Jami Tobey

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This beautiful artwork has sold! Commissions may be available. Please contact the Gallery for more information. Thank you!

Jami Tobey’s work reveals a fascination with the natural world where sweeping brush strokes and bold swaths of color create tension, expectation and emotions that quicken the heart. From bewitching trees to swirling clouds to mystical landscapes, the subjects of Jami’s paintings reflect a world that can be achingly beautiful, inspiring, contemplative, sometimes frightening, but always alive and breathing.

Spawned from Jami’s subconscious and unfiltered emotion, the paintings are narratives without beginning or end, and free of the boundaries of reality. They reveal the essence — some would even say personalities — of natural wonders great and small, drawing the viewer into a place where light, heat and motion all play a part of the emotional experience unraveling on the


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Availability: SOLD-Commissions available
Medium: Acrylic
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 12"H 12"W
Style: Impressionism
Subject: Landscape