“The Beginning”

by: Yuroz


(+$600 Frame) Collectors love Yuroz’s cubist style – so reminiscent of Picasso – as well as his recurrent themes of love and companionship. The artist’s own hardships only serve to make him more appreciative of the tender moments shared between friends and lovers. Drawing on his Armenian heritage, Yuroz incorporates the imagery of the pomegranate into his art, as well as other symbols, such as the blue rose, the book of poetry and the guitar without strings. Each element tells a part of the story, illuminating the nature of the relationship between the characters and what the future holds for them.

The Pomegranate – A fruit that grows on a shrub or small tree, about the size of an orange and containing many small seeds, each enclosed in a juicy red pulp. Traditionally a gift between lovers signifying love and passion, the pomegranate also symbolizes fertility, sexuality, and potential.

-The Blue Rose – Rose is the name of a woman Yuroz knew in Armenia. The blue rose acknowledges their friendship, and represents love and flowering romance. Usually the blue rose is held and exchanged between lovers.

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Medium: Mixed Media
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 24"H 21"W
Style: Cubism
Subject: Love