by: Kim Obrzut

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All live plants and animals are one and all have spirits… the butterfly is celebrated for its beauty and its contribution in pollinating plant life. They symbolize summer and indicate the coming of summer birds. The butterfly figure is prominent in prehistoric Hopi pottery and is frequently mentioned in mythological tales. The butterfly is celebrated at Hopi as a traditional social dance and is held in August or September after the gathering of the harvest, a thanksgiving ceremony.

She has no face, which symbolizes the egalitarian society of the Hopi people. She represents a people, not an individual. The Hopi thought is: One Mind, one Body, and one Spirit.

Available in red or blue.


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Medium: Bronze
Edition Type: Limited
Edition Size: 50
Dimensions: 12"H 7.5"W 6"D
Style: Southwestern
Subject: Hopi Maidens