“Beauty & Strength”

by: Daniel Newman


Carved from Italian Rosso Marble.


“Sculpting in stone is totally different from modeling in clay. With clay, you are the master and tell it what to do; and if it doesn’t, you can start over. Stone has an attitude – it can break or crack, and every type of stone has imperfections, fissures and its own challenges. It’s more of a negotiation process, where you try to coax, cajole, even seduce the stone into what you want it to do. If you are good, it will do most of what you want but it will never do all. The result is a negotiated compromise, just like life is or a marriage.” – Daniel Newman

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Medium: Stone
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 53"H 22"W 14"D
Style: Classical
Subject: Figures