“Autumn Whisper”

by: Kim Obrzut

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The time of September and October are times of intuitive ways and prayer. The gentle whispering of the wind cleanses, heals, and reminds us of the harmonies of the universe. The women’s societies’ ceremonies take place to cure illness, to help bring fertility, and to wish for good harvests for all people.
From Maiden to Mother she travels her path. She is grounded and at peace knowing that she works toward her spiritual path as she now serves the laws of nature and the community. Her herbs of healing, wise counsel, and gentle caring make her a mainstay of matriarchy. She is grounded and empowered with strength and clarity.
By living connected to the earth she has knowledge of the past, and applies her learning to the now. Her energy is used for the good of all and she offers her knowledge to any who ask, and heals with their permission. The wise woman grounds herself in the universe, and achieves fulfillment and respect. The blessings she sends returns.
The spiritual woman finds her place in her universe and peace in her life. She shines in all she does. She walks in warmth and beauty wherever she goes and her existence is a light to herself and the community around her.


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Subject: Hopi Maidens