by: Daniel Newman

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SOLD- Commissions Available

This beautiful sculpture is carved out of Colorado White Marble, which is one of the finest marbles in the world. Quarried in the mountains South of Marble, Colorado, it has been chosen for a number of national landmarks, most notably the Lincoln Memorial. It is the wispy light grey marbling that give Newman’s sculptures a luminous surface that polishes well. Quarrying in this high altitude environment with steep slopes, deep snow, and snow-mud slides is so difficult that advances in technology have not been able to overcome many of the challenges. The first major use of this silky white marble was in the Colorado State Capitol building in 1895. Today, Colorado White Marble can be found in banks, libraries, schools, hotels, and government buildings from the west coast to the east coast.


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Availability: This beautiful original work of art is sold, however commissions may be available. Please inquire with the gallery for additional information. Thank You!
Medium: Colorado Marble
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Dimensions: 84.5"H 17"W 9.5"D
Style: Minimalism
Subject: Abstract