“#40 Shaman with Ceremonial Shield and Spear”

by: Bill Worrell

$95.00 Each

All of Bill Worrell’s Earrings are Sold Separately. If you would like a pair of earrings please make sure to order two! Thank you!

Bill Worrell’s wearable sculptures are a great addition to any collector of his larger bronzes, but they also make the perfect choice for those who don’t have the space for his grander artworks. His jewelry features many of the same symbols and ideas from his bronzes including his “Golden Ring of Forever”, the spirals and cross combinations, and the raven. We suggest picking up your own small red rock stone and adding some small holes to make your own miniature Bill Worrell Shaman!


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Medium: Sterling Silver & Bronze
Edition Type: Open Edition
Edition Size:
Style: Southwest
Subject: Shaman Collection