“18 KGP 54 Inch 6-in-1 Floating Necklace”

by: Bling By Wilkening


This necklace is one 54 inch strand, and may be worn six separate ways, including as a bracelet. It can be worn as a long piece, wrapped twice, wrapped twice with one slightly longer loop and one shorter loop, wrapped three times around the neck, wrapped multiple times as a bracelet, and it may also be worn down the back. The necklace is interspersed with the finest-grade cubic zirconia and the Bling by Wilkening plating system is four times thicker than the industry standard to ensure unparalleled quality and durability.

Availability: Call to Order (928) 282-1125
Medium: Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver
Edition Type: Original
Edition Size:
Style: Travel Jewelry
Subject: Estate Collection
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18 KGP 54 Inch 6-in-1 Necklace-Z10063