Presenting delicate, everyday pieces as well as bold, special occasion wearable art, Exposures International’s earring collection has impeccable quality, ethically sourced materials, and timeless style. Our Jewelry artists are on the cutting edge of the industry, innovating and rising above industry standards to create flawless pieces to last a lifetime. Sculptors Gene and Rebecca Tobey’s spiritually intense animal themed work are creative and classic. With hand-engraved details and sculptural nature, Tobey pieces are one-of-a-kind. Artist Wolfgang Vaatz produces organic, inspiring designs celebrating and connecting us to the natural world. His pieces include ethically sourced materials, such as recycled silvers and Placer gold- the unrefined gold flakes and nuggets with smoothed edges from the tumbling action in the rivers- which he fuses to various silvers with unique gems as focal points.
We encourage you to peruse our earrings by category or contact us today to receive personalized world class help from a specialized Art Consultant.

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