Yuroz emerged on the art scene in the United States in 1987 with paintings and drawings that felt as though you could take them off the canvas and put them on a pedestal. He would tell us that each painting was alive for him and had a human dimension.

Eventually he would bring these large sculptural bodies to life with the release of his first sculptures in 1990’s. He, like other artists at the time, was offered the opportunity to have his paintings transformed into sculpture by a foundry artisan, but being Yuroz, with his demand for quality, he chose to instead wait until he was ready.

Collectors love Yuroz’s cubist style – so reminiscent of Picasso – as well as his recurrent themes of love and companionship. The artist’s own hardships only serve to make him more appreciative of the tender moments shared between friends and lovers. Drawing on his Armenian heritage, Yuroz incorporates the imagery of the pomegranate into his art, as well as other symbols, such as the blue rose, the book of poetry and the guitar without strings. Each element tells a part of the story, illuminating the nature of the relationship between the characters and what the future holds for them.

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