Clay Collins and Deborah Leigh Givens are a passionate duo that collaborate to create beautiful hand made crystals and wire-wrapped jewelry. In her mid-twenties, Deborah started to become interested in crystals. She studied how they form, where they grow and what metaphysical properties they possess. To her, they were a representation of nature’s divine beauty, and when staring into them, she felt as though she was transported to another place. “They have a way of reminding me to look at the world with eyes of wonder.”

With this new passion, in 2010, she moved to Arizona and decided to go to a gem and mineral show to learn as much about crystals as possible. Soon after, Deborah met Clay Collins, a talented lapidary artist with a love of stones. Clay was known for his unique stone carving techniques and ability to capture a crystal’s natural beauty in a wearable piece of artwork. Growing up in North Carolina, he traveled out west after high school in search of his true passion. From the need to support his traveling he fell into the rock business, selling minerals at art shows up and down the west coast. Wanting to explore more of the artistic side of life, he cut his first stone in 2006 and has been creating uniquely carved stones ever since.

Deborah was inspired by Clay’s beautiful stone cutting and wanted to collaborate with him and reconnect with her artistic side. She decided to experiment with wire wrapping and it was not long before it became a serious passion. Working with crystals Clay and Deborah continue to learn how to listen to them, as the stones guide them to showcase their inner nature. They both feel very fortunate to be living a life where they get to thrive through a distinct artistic relationship with a life-force that is millions of years old.

Deborah and Clay now reside in Arizona. Together they are inspired to create truly unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Determined to continue seeking excellence while finding magic in this life, Deborah and Clay are excited to see how their artistic endeavors evolve. Their newest collection, Tronic Rocks, is inspired by the unique, out of the ordinary and is in a state of constant evolution. Their passion for their art is apparent in every piece of their collection!

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