Tom Johnson was born in Wisconsin, and moved to Arizona in the early 1980’s to form a publishing company with his father, and later a magazine based in Sedona. Tom is a self-taught artist, learning to photograph through his publications.

Beginning in 1991, and for over 17 years after, Tom began exploring Sedona and Northern Arizona to discover sights often undiscovered and unseen by many, capturing these sites in photographs along the way. He utilizes 4×5 film large format photography to capture the beauty of nature.

Many of his expeditions would last from sun-up to sun-down, just to capture one special shot. He would only carry 20 sheets of film with him, so it was very important to take the time to ensure that composition and exposure were perfect. His pursuit to capture the perfect photograph at the perfect time has resulted in some of the most inspiring and breathtaking photographs of the Southwest.

Tom currently continues his artistic journey and passion for outdoor activities in Sedona with his wife Noreen, and sons Zac & Jule.

“There is an incredible motivation that occurs while exploring the canyons, climbing the colorful buttes and mesas, bushwhacking the back country, and pursuing the personalities of this historic region in search of images. I like to think of what I do as documenting nature’s beauty and capturing moments of life. My images are simply meant for viewers to enjoy the scenic and unique lifestyle of Sedona and the Colorado Plateau.”

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