“Our art is inspired by the American Southwest – an intense, alluring region awash in geometric forms, beacons of color, lavish sunlight, and five-alarm sunsets. It’s a magical place that evokes a host of feelings, often simultaneously. Our art is made to produce a similar rush for you.

Beautiful metals were distressed, shaped, polished and woven. Acids, paints, and dyes were applied to produce a mélange of color. All to create an enchanting piece that recalls the beauty of nature.

The mirror scatters sunlight everywhere. As if, our ever-present, dazzling sun has been transported to your home. The impact is profound.

Plus, you’re in it! Surrounded by colors, marks and shapes, we aim to stir your emotions and remind you that you are as unique and beautiful as the art encircling you.”

-Tom & Jean Heffernan

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