“Our work is about color, light, and you. Mirrors have been virtually ignored as a medium for artists. Yet for us, it is perfect. Trained as a photographer and in psychology, respectively, we have been taught to observe people and to understand and capture their moods, experiences and circumstances. Moreover, we like people. And we like them raw, exactly as they are – unfiltered, untouched. To celebrate you, your individual qualities and moods, we have put you at the heart of our work. Color and light are equally important elements of our work. Light is energy. Mirrors reflect that energy into all aspects of a room, enhancing everything. Copper is the material we use to make this happen. Often, we weave it, to provide texture and contrast. Always, we meticulously treat it with heat and chemicals to produce pieces that are stunningly colorful.”

Southwest artists Tom and Jean Heffernan strive to create unique mirrors of unparalleled beauty. Using woven copper and glass paneling, they create mirrors of superior craftsmanship and resplendent coloring. Truly, a mirror crafted by this dynamic duo is a treasure to be cherished and shared.

Tom and Jean come from different backgrounds: Tom’s experience in psychology invigorates each composition specifically to draw in and engage the viewer; Jean’s experience as a photographer has helped develop her eye for exquisite design and visual textures. Together, these two artists have synthesized their diverse experiences into a unique artistic style that is both bold and accessible. Tom and Jean are students of human nature, and their mirrors serve to reflect their understanding of mankind’s inherent beauty and wisdom. Each one of their mirrors does more than reflect – it celebrates.

As an artistic medium, mirrors are underrepresented on the world stage. Tom and Jean are injecting new life into this atypical medium with their bold designs and innovative presentations. These incredible artists relish the challenge of creating such extraordinary artwork. Finally, fine art mirrors are shining in the spotlight!

Tom & Jean Heffernan
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