Tesa Michaels has been artistically gifted since she was very young. At the age of 12 Tesa painted her first oil painting, and at age 17 was accepted in her first national show. As a forth generation artist her great grandpa, grandma and mother instilled their artistic talents to fortify her future as an artist. Her family has always inspired and encouraged her to be a professional artist. She has always been immersed in creativity, constantly finding inspiration everywhere.

Tesa went on to study at The Art Institute of Colorado. Starting in fine art and then later studying graphic design, where she holds her degree. She worked in the graphic design field for some time, in printing, as an Art Director for a health products company and in advertising as an Art Director working on automotive commercials. She then came to the realization that she had moved too far from her roots as a fine artist, and picked up oils and found her niche.
As an artist Tesa is inspired by so many things. She writes, “[I am inspired by] mostly nature, thus all of my paintings are some form of a landscape. Even my abstracts pull from nature. Skies and sunsets are one of my most favorite things in nature. The beautiful colors, how the sky changes from one second to the next reflecting constant changes in colors and energy. Being on the west coast allows me to capture these in photos and then trying to recreate these in my studio.  This is where all my sky paintings come from is the photos I have taken. I have so much fun taking pictures of nature.”

In Tesa’s abstract paintings, the semi-precious stones are her inspiration. She is so intrigued by the stones because not one is like another. They are formed by the earth and are old, beautiful and so unique. The stones are so diverse in there energetic and spiritual properties, to there colors and textures.  Tesa says, “To me they are my little treasures that I want to combine with my art to display them in a unique way to highlight them and their beauty.”

Tesa Michaels
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