International, multiple award-winning artist, Tesa Michaels, incorporates precious and semi-precious stones into her fine art paintings. Creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of art, Tesa combines her passion, exceptional technique, and innovative vision with stones from all around the world. Her paintings are mixed media; creating three-dimensional wonders that encompass her spiritual essence as well as her artistic abilities. Tesa’s paintings need to be experienced in person where one can truly capture the beauty of each piece and the brilliant energy of the stones themselves. Viewers continue to tell Tesa that they’ve “Never Seen Anything Like It!”

Art and creativity are deeply rooted in Tesa, a fifth-generation artist and third-generation fine artist. From a young age she was immersed in a creative atmosphere that offered constant inspiration and a family that nurtured her artistic endeavors. In grammar school she won art contests, painted murals and, at the age of 12, she painted her first oil painting under the instruction of her mom. At age 16, Tesa was accepted into her first national art show.

Tesa attended The Art Institute of Colorado, studying fine art and graphic design. Following college, she worked in the graphic design field as an art and marketing director for a health product company, and in advertising at J. Walter Thompson as an art director working on Ford Motor Company commercials.

She developed and fine-tuned her oil painting skills while studying under Clifford T. Bailey who helped Tesa find her voice as a fine artist. “He encouraged me and influenced me as an artist and mentor. For that I will be forever grateful, and it will forever be reflected in my work as an artist,” says Tesa.

Early in her career as a professional artist Tesa taught art workshops and classes at The Showcase Art Center and Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado.

She has four distinct styles. Her landscapes depict nature, including skies, mountains, and seascapes. Her abstract style highlights and enhances the brilliance of the stones with eye-catching and unique compositions. The Avant Garde series incorporates unexpected mixed media items that are inspired by the world of haute couture fashion. They encompass a multitude of textures, adding even more depth and dimension to her pieces. Tesa’s newest collection incorporates large, semi-precious stones into her paintings to create even larger installation pieces that are grand, elaborate, and sculptural works of art.

Tesa is represented by Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, her flagship gallery. Located in Sedona, Arizona, Exposures is recognized as “One of the largest and most unique galleries in the world.”

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