Susan Saul has an artistic eye for color and design. Her illuminated chandeliers are works of art that touch the soul. Each design is painstakingly created with a focus on presenting rich layers of color, texture and movement. The chandeliers are hand-painted on the reverse side of kiln bent, sand blasted glass. Essentially the viewer is looking through the glass in order to see the art. Reverse painting in this style is a difficult technique to perfect. The artist is required to have the completed image present in her mind before even beginning the first stroke. Additionally, Susan must appreciate the delicate balance between applying enough paint to create the image and making the layers thin enough so that the chandelier’s light can shine through.

Susan’s many one-of-a-kind designs include romantic florals, tropical landscapes, abstracts and vineyards. She also offers “Multiple Originals,” hand-painted chandeliers that are created as part of a series. In chandelier form, these works of art are available in sizes from 24” to 72” in diameter, in either a traditional bowl shape, or a modern cone shape. Some pieces are hand carved prior to painting in order to intensify the depth of the design.

Complementing the hand-painted glass is hand-forged iron that Susan designs and develops in the old world tradition formulated by master craftsmen.

Susan’s hand-painted chandeliers have been referred to as the “Tiffany of Tomorrow” because of their heirloom quality and innovative style. When one of Susan’s masterfully rendered chandeliers is hung, it adds the perfect ambiance to a space and becomes a treasure to be passed down from generation to generation.

Susan has completed major installations and commissions both nationally and internationally for a number of private collectors.

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