With a natural inclination and love of art, Ryan Adams started creating artwork at a very young age. As the son of two successful artists, Doug and Dianne Adams, Ryan was destined to become an artist.
Ryan’s father, Doug Adams, is one of the most renown metal sculptors in the Southwest. Doug’s 30 year tenure as a steel mill worker provided him the skills to create beautiful resonant steel bells. Ryan showed interest in his father’s sculptures, so Doug began Ryan’s apprenticeship teaching him how to weld at the age of 11. After studying his father’s techniques and developing his own style, Ryan debuted his first sculpture collection to Exposures Gallery in 2017.
Ryan’s mother, Dianne Adams, has been a self-employed painter and fused glass artist for over 25 years. She creates incredibly captivating watercolor and ink paintings with unique incorporations of fused glass. With the help of his mother, Ryan integrates boldly colored fused glass throughout many of his bell sculptures.
With his recycled metal sculptures, Ryan can turn everyday objects and tools into something meant to be savored and enjoyed. Through his signature bells, Ryan finds new and exciting ways to transform an antique wrench or rusty axe into a whole new experience both tonally and aesthetically. With the encouragement of his talented parents, Ryan’s future as an artist is sure to resonate with his collectors!

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