Reagan Word is a local Sedona artist, author, and architect. His art spans across many mediums and he has an intuitive eye for beauty.

Ever since he received his first blue ribbon in the second grade for his crayon drawing of a dinosaur, Reagan Word was set on the artist’s life. He felt born to build and create. In 1967 Reagan graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. He worked as an architect from 1973 until 2016. For over twenty years he created architectural renderings for firms across the country, helping them see their ideas illustrated before they became a reality. “This experience has given me a great way to push the limits on my own creativity. Rendering my ideas before they exist is a great way to peek into the future of my imagination. That ability plus a recent retirement has given me an opportunity to return to sculpting with a new fearlessness.”

His background in architecture gave him a foundation on which to expand his creativity, first into painting in dry brush watercolor and later in bronze and ceramic sculpture. A year after becoming a licensed architect, Reagan began his professional career as an artist. In 1978 he moved to Sedona, Arizona and painted wildlife and the landscapes of the Southwest. His prints were sold nationwide. Then in 1982 he initiated work as a sculptor, first rendering wildlife and then expanding to figurative bronzes.

In addition to architectural renderings, paintings, and sculptures, his body of work includes custom homes, murals, book illustrations, and some animations. He currently focuses his artistic efforts on sculptures.

Reagan’s sculptural monument works have been installed in various parts of Sedona, notably the roundabouts. And now Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art is thrilled to display his current collection of wonderful bronzes. “My calling is to make visible ideas that inspire and motivate others to look at the beauty of not only this creation but venture beyond and imagine what is yet to be. Beauty has always been my muse, luring me to see things in a new and unfamiliar way, challenging me to reveal more of my true self. Rumi says it well, ‘May the beauty that you love be what you do.’”

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