Michael Hansen and Nina Paladino Caron (Paladino / Hansen) work together to create their stunning glass sculptures. While working on her Master of Arts degree, Nina Paladino Caron started a glass program at Sierra Community College. In 1977 she opened her own glass blowing studio where she was joined shortly thereafter by her partner, Michael Hansen. She has been actively involved as a board member of the Glass Art Society, an internationally recognized glass art organization. Her partner, Michael Hansen holds college degrees in mechanical engineering and metallurgy. Michael was introduced to the craft of glass blowing while taking a class at a local community college. The teacher of the class had just happened to be Nina Paladino, his future lifelong partner. He has also attended the Pilchuck Glass School, known for its selective quality programs and its founder, Dale Chihuly.

These two artists have been working together for thirty years. They are a team that creates magnificent freeform bowls and other masterpieces. They use the glass to express and reflect the beauty and power of nature. Many of their pieces are thought to be images of the ocean, sunsets, ponds, and even galaxies. The two refer to the glass as a canvas on which they paint with other, colored glass. They have developed their own techniques where they weave around each other, building and creating until they achieve their vision. They focus on quality, not quantity, and they make each piece with care and consideration of color and design.

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