Norman Rockwell is one of the most recognized and beloved artists of the 20th Century. His illustrious career began at the age of 22 when he started working for the Saturday Evening Post, resulting in over 300 magazine covers, five portraits of American Presidents, paintings of many world leaders, and countless portrayals of iconographic Americana. In his later years, he painted subjects that were very close to his heart, including the Civil Rights Movement, the Peace Corps, and space exploration.

Born in 1894, Norman Rockwell was honored with many awards throughout his life. He served in the Navy when he was 24, and his artwork was featured on Treasury Department posters during World War II. In 1977, he was given The Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Ford. Since his death in 1978, people from around the world have journeyed to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum and celebrate the artist’s continuing legacy.

Exposures International Gallery is proud to represent the exclusive sculpture collection inspired by Rockwell’s famous paintings, officially licensed by the Norman Rockwell Family Agency.

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