Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1949, Myung “Mario” Jung began his art career in the mid-eighties. In 1986 he was awarded the Grand Prize of Western-style painting by the Seoul Artists Association, of which he has been a member of for over 30 years.

Mario’s life changed dramatically when he suffered a catastrophic third-story balcony fall that resulted in total paralysis, blindness, and partial deafness. He lost everything, even the will to live. One night, he experienced a revelation in the form of a spiritual dream, renewing his determination to live and survive. When he awoke, he moved his fingers for the first time since his fall. Leaving doctors, family, and friends amazed and perplexed, Mario went on to recover completely, attributing all of his subsequent successes to the moment when he experienced his revelation.

Since then, Mario has developed an artistic style that embraces brilliant color, rich texture, and unwavering optimism. His landscapes, brimming with warmth and vitality, often require the use of up to 12 tubes of oil paint! By contrast, his realistic paintings (nu realism) are exercises in subtlety. Mario’s emerging popularity is heightened by his ability to create a diverse range of work. As much a gifted artist as a philanthropist, Mario spends his time volunteering when he is not at work in the studio.

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