Marianne Caroselli has been sculpting and painting for 30 years. Her dedication to art has given her the opportunity to create sculptures in many different themes. Caroselli’s work ranges from table size to life size with subjects from children, wildlife, horses, westerns and Native Americans.

Life as an artist has been rewarding for Marianne Caroselli. At age 10, Caroselli started her own ceramics business, which she continued for fifteen years. While most children were playing, Marianne was painting ceramics. Marianne Caroselli later attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art and received her degree in Interior Design. She worked as a decorator for a short time, then married and started her family.

Over the years she kept up her ceramic business, until in the early 70s, when she traded her business to pursue her passions in art. Marianne Caroselli and her family moved from the East Coast to a small ranch in the Southwest. They had many horses, cows, dogs, cats, and burros to use as models for her work.

Marianne Caroselli changed her sculpting technique in 1979 after a fellow artist taught her the basics of sculpting. Later, she attended juried classes at the Cowboy Artists of America Museum.

Marianne Caroselli’s four children and grandchildren live close by and, along with her neighbors and friends, are the models for some of her sculptures.

All of Marianne Caroselli’s bronze sculptures are executed with feeling and warmth, never portraying violence. Marianne Caroselli believes her art work should be peaceful, loving and relaxing so that it can be enjoyed for a lifetime!

Marianne’s bronze sculptures range from table size to monuments. Her work is in large corporate collections as well as the private collections of such notables as Burt Reynolds, Daniel Stern, Wayne Newton, Byron Nelson and Pat Summerall. She is proudly represented by Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, Sedona, AZ,

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