The late Laurie Burns received a Masters of Science degree in Health from the University of Utah and worked in the healthcare field for many years. Eventually she pursued Graduate Doctoral studies in Research Techniques. However, her heart and spirit were always drawn to glass art. She continuously took classes in glass, metal, and stonework while working as a physical therapist, and then later as a researcher. While maintaining her career in healthcare, Laurie began her first endeavor in glass in 1978 and has persistently honed her skills over the past several decades.

Laurie always loved glass, and her earliest memories recall her mother returning from exotic places like Murano, Italy with glass keepsakes. Because of this, it seemed only natural to begin her exploration with stained glass, creating luminous windows. It was her curiosity about the history and forms of glass – solid, liquid and gas – that introduced Laurie to the difficult medium of fused glass. She had found the
challenge that she craved.

Since Laurie’s unfortunate passing in 2016, the Studio preserves her memory and love for fused glass as they create gorgeous artwork with her blessing. All of the Studio’s art provides a wonderful sensory experience. Their pieces are made up of many layers of colored and clear glass such that, like a Renaissance Painter. The Studio is able to capture the subtlety of light and an amazing range of luminescence. By incorporating metal accents into the artwork, each piece is transformed into a stunning and elegant wall sculpture. Laurie loved that fused glass allowed her to preserve her thoughts and emotions in this beautiful, permanent

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