Kevin Hill is a young up and coming landscape painter from sunny Southern California. He started to paint at the age of 15, and was already actively interested in artwork most of his life through his photography.
Kevin is almost completely self-taught, learning most of his painting lessons from mistakes, practice and his successes. A lot of his style of painting has emerged from looking closely at nature. He has spent much of his time observing the way shadows, light and contrast give nature form and life. He paints using a variety of brushwork techniques, textures, and palette knife painting that breaths life into each painting.
With each vibrant work, Kevin pulls the viewer into the scene. Whether it is a rocky mountain, a stunning Sedona sunset, a distant meadow or a crashing waterfall, you will feel like a part of the landscape. Kevin hopes to create a sense of peace and an inspiration to stop and enjoy nature in each unique and beautiful work.

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