Keith Christopher is an enthusiastic young man with endless drive and a profound desire to become the best. Christopher was born in Arizona and raised by his father who instilled the values of commitment, craftsmanship, and strong work ethic. At the age of 15, Christopher found his calling; to preserve the precious moments of life in bronze.

Following his life’s passion and need to create, Christopher apprenticed for two years under renowned sculptor Dr. John M. Soderberg. During his tenure, he assisted with several monument commissions. At a young age he has already made an impact on the art world and is showing in premier galleries across the nation.

In honor and tribute to his father, Christopher created the life size piece “First Day Home” which depicts the joy, love, and hope that bond a parent and child. This first piece is an example of his artistry and attention to detail. His style synergistically combined the best elements of classical with contemporary in a simple, yet powerfully compelling manner. Keith Christopher is continuing to express the timeless theme of enduring human values.

“With rare drive, power and gift, Christopher sculpts into each work of art the essence of life for us now and for those in the centuries to come.”
Dr. John M. Soderberg

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