John Burrow was born in Webster, Massachusetts in 1955. His mother loved to draw and paint and his father had a lifetime career as a master printer. John’s childhood consisted of fun filled outdoor activities in Eastern Canada and the colonial New England states. John shares his love of nature with others through his work.

At age 12 John won his first art contest in the Boston Globe. After finishing high school in Massachusetts, John continued his artistic pursuits at Utah State University and the Los Angeles Art Center working in Commercial Art and Art Education. College schooling helped John rub shoulders with some of America’s most renowned artists in the American art world today. John’s acrylic and oil paintings are always bright, full of color and imbued with a sense of joy and playfulness. When people see his paintings for the first time, they frequently comment about how good his work makes them feel.

John’s past experience in the field of commercial art has given him the versatility to paint different genres. At a time when most artists attempt to “get branded” and paint only in one recognizable style, John is a renegade. He enjoys being able to express his warm memories of growing up in a small New England town using a folk art style. When he wants to capture the beauty of an old farmhouse surrounded by a luxuriant garden, he chooses to use a more impressionistic “impasto” technique. The Canadian landscape, and the “Group Of Seven” painters school of painting is also a source of inspiration for John. He can be frequently found painting en plein air… (painting outdoors) in a more free and fluid painterly style. Today John’s artwork is collected in both corporations and private homes all over the world.

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