Jim Eppler brings the power, beauty, harshness and magnetic attraction of nature to both his paintings and bronzes. Eppler creates from the experience of his lifelong enchantment with wildlife and his innate gift for the use of color and form.

A seasoned artist who readily admits a romance with “the play of light and shadow, the way paint builds on canvas”, he is equally captivated by gestures and textures that lend themselves to the three-dimensional aspect of bronze. Bringing his skill as a colorist to his sculpture. Eppler hand-finishes each bronze in his limited editions. Using patina and paint, his intricate knowledge of his subject matter is expressed with distinctive markings unique to each species.

While Eppler’s art has always encompassed a remarkable range of artistic genre and subject matter, animals and their habitats constantly draw him to their world.

His paintings and bronzes combine a passion for nature and life with the sheer joy of artistic earned Eppler the respect of both colleagues and collectors.

Jim studied with Bob Kuhn, Robert Wood, Bill Worrell, Raymond Forman, Charles Reid and Paul Milosevich and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Texas Tech.

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