David R. Soderberg spent his early life in Central and Southeast Asia. He absorbed art, music and culture of the area during his childhood, and eventually graduated from the International School of Bangkok, Thailand. David Soderberg later viewed firsthand the great art and architecture of Europe and the Far East during five trips around the world. When he returned to the States, Soderberg lived and worked in both Washington and Arizona.

David Soderberg has studied music from age eight in India and now composes. He continues to pursue a wide range of interrelated arts- from philosophy to higher mathematics to poetry. As an author and sculptor, Soderberg seeks to understand and empathize with our common humanness, and to express the music of the soul.

David Soderbergs’s most recent series of sculptures explores the unique merging of equine and human forms. The mesmerizing grace and subtle power the “Poem of the Pond” series centers around is the image of a young woman enjoying an afternoon swim atop her favorite horse. The artist likens each piece to a stanza of a poem, where each sculpture provides another part of the story.

To empower his sculptures with character, life and vibrancy, David Soderberg works to create the illusion that there is no support, mount or base. The horse and the young woman float in water that is implied, water that is “there”, yet not sculpted. The effect is magical and unexpected.

David Soderberg says, “the goal is to create art that jumps out at you with a life of its own, to see beyond the commonplace to something wonderful…”

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