Daniel Newman graduated from UCLA in 1958 with a degree in Engineering. Daniel has been sculpting since 1970 and working in stone since 1973. In 1989, Daniel retired from his career as an engineer and moved to Sedona where he built a home and studio and has concentrated on sculpture. His recent work features horses and the human figure in a softly stylized form utilizing various types of stone such as marble and onyx.

Most of Daniel’s work is contemporary with stylized anatomy softened to present a graceful flowing line when viewed from all angles. Daniel strives to create a feeling of lightness and fluid motion in his sculpture.

Daniel has taken life drawing and stone sculpture at UCLA and has studied advanced stone carving techniques under master sculptors in Pietrasanta, Italy. He has taught stone sculpture in classes at the Sedona Arts Center and gives instruction to private students.

Daniel has been represented by Exposures International for many years. He is an artist’s artist and we consider him one of our favorites.

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