Dale Terbush was born in Chicago but spent the rest of his youth in Southern California. Dale discovered early on that painting was his life’s calling. Through this passion, he developed a deep desire to excel in his creativity. As he grew older, however, he felt the pressure to find a more stable career. Dale continued to strive to become a full-time artist, however rejection after rejection in galleries forced him to find corporate work as an interior designer for a large restaurant chain in California. Dale’s remodeling ended up being exactly what this restaurant chain needed. From his first success, Dale was repeatedly brought on to remodel more restaurants around the country. His drive quickly propelled him to the position of Vice President of one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. During his eleven year tenure, he successfully designed over 300 establishments. In these years he found that he had only created about 20 paintings. Although highly successful, Dale realized that his life in the corporate world was restricting his creativity. Dale then decided to move to New Mexico in the early 1990’s to seriously pursue painting. His paintings became his main focus which propelled his career and it was not long before he was able to build an avid collector base and world-wide recognition. Terbush has since broken gallery records all over the world, including four spectacular sell-out shows in Japan.

Dale’s art is electrifying, exciting and bold. Dale paints a mood and creates a scene of pure magic. With changing light from dim to bright the paintings appear to come to life, as if the sun rises or sets along the horizon. On his work he has always said, “You don’t buy a Terbush painting to match your sofa, you buy it because you feel an emotional attachment”.

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