With tastes du jour being so sterile and colorless, the Borowskis are definitely swimming against the mainstream with their artistic, vivid glass objects. Stanislaw Borowski, the father, born in 1944 in Moutiers, France and an acclaimed glass artist for the past three decades, founded the Glasstudio Borowski in Hennef, Germany in 1990. Their Hand-blown works of art can be found all over the world in the collections of renowned museums, private galleries and private collectors.

In 1993, he transferred the management of the studio to his two sons, Pawel and Wiktor. Their outstanding creativity comes in the shape of numerous home accessories, including vases, bowls and candelabras. These exceptional creations blend fun design with spectacular ingenuity, and have been popular with glass art collectors since their inception. Some of the studio’s sculptures employ generational techniques that have almost vanished.

Emboldened by their success, Pawel and Wiktor Borowski next designed a
contemporary collection of accessories that exceeded the typical bowls, vases and candlesticks. Their use of unusual techniques has led them to develop new manufacturing processes, which have now found their way into regular collections. The studio line includes high-quality works of art for both indoors and outdoors. Each creation brings color and whimsy to the collector’s home.

“The substance of glass is, for us, a matter of pure fascination. There is no other material that allows so many ways of manipulation and bold creativity.”
~The Borowski Family

Borowski Family Slide Ramy | Borowski | Sculpture-Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art - Sedona AZ
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