The essence of the sculpture of Bobbie Carlyle is captured in the words “bold strength” and “provocative intelligence”. She creates sculptures in bronze and stone, all executed with imagination and vitality, in subjects ranging from wildlife to western to figurative. Bobbie Carlyle has created some of the most compelling figurative work in the art world today, work that causes the viewer to look into themselves with several layers of meaning.

Indeed, Bobbie Carlyle’s work carries a strong psychological appeal; dealing with a full spectrum: complexity of emotion, struggles and triumphs of life.

Bobbie Carlyle has studied under many of the notable artists of today, and also takes influence from Solon and Gutzon Borglum, Rodin, Daniel Chester French and Michaelangelo. Further, Bobbie Carlyle’s own life struggles and her seven children have been inspiration to many of her works.

Bobbie Carlyle received her art degree from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. She has taught numerous workshops including at the Colorado Institute of Art.

Bobbie Carlyle’s works are included in numerous public and private collections internationally in reliefs, smaller works, life-sized fountains, and monuments. Currently, Bobbie Carlyle is working with architects, landscape architects and art representatives on numerous installations, commissions, fountains, etc.

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