My wish as an artist is to inspire the inner being of the viewer and draw them in to contemplate their eternal life. I believe that the ability to express our internal spirit through art is within all of us, and only requires the action of our hands to become manifest and thus, a created and inspired piece is born.
As a young man, I sought an education in Comparative Religion, focusing on every religious tradition throughout time to include their cultural and geographic relevance. I instinctively felt that if you could find the common elements in all the diverse cultures of spiritual expression, then that would be the unadulterated truth: that portion of “The Creator’s” revelation that has survived mankind’s imperfect attempt to interpret and add to it. I try to incorporate symbols from diverse religions and spiritual traditions to celebrate the human race’s common desire to seek an understanding of “The Creator”.
At the core of my work is a reference to Native American spiritual symbols, particularly the Medicine Wheel and the indigenous belief in Star People: the spirits that communicate with dedicated seekers. It also incorporates symbols from other spiritual traditions as well to include abstract symbols that invite the viewer to participate in the piece by calling upon their own intuition to provide meaning to what they have viewed.
100% of my profit from the sale of these pieces is donated to the Conscious Alliance, a non-profit foundation based in Boulder, Colorado that provides food relief and economic development assistance to Indian Reservations of the northern plains. It is not commonly known that 6 of the 7 poorest counties in our nation are on Indian Reservations in that region.
I hope you enjoy my work, and that it serves as a gentle reminder to you to nurture your spiritual side and walk the “Red Road” on a daily basis. The right path of life is sacred.

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