Worrell is continually energized by the challenge of creating ever-evolving variations of the timeless images, visualizing himself alongside his so-called “primitive counterparts” and striving to capture the essence of their expressions through the contemporary methods of painting and sculpture. Each sculptural design is created in wax and cast in limited edition bronzes by the “lost wax” method. After the casting is extracted from its silica investment, it is cleaned and chastened. Dramatic contrasts are then developed by the application of chemicals that produce colorful patinas alongside highly polished areas.

When sculpting and painting, Worrell often writes simultaneously. These writings were initially brought to the public eye as inscriptions on the back of Worrell’s bronze sculptures, acrylics on canvas, and wearable sculptures, and they offer a glimpse into the artistic mind at work. Written with heart and soul, these writings are Worrell’s own intimate reflections and ponderings on subjects ranging from the passage of time to the existence of “spirits,” and from spiritual wonderings to the pursuit and joyful celebration of the blessings of increasing clarity and light. As with his first (“Voices From the Caves – The Shamans Speak”) and second (“Journeys Through the Winds of Time”) books that included a selection of writings from Worrell’s journals, Worrell is currently working on his third. His interpretations of ancient pictographic and petroglyphic art have enthralled art lovers worldwide and have captured the attention of archaeologists and theologians as well.

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