As an artist, Bellarri knows no boundaries or limitations with her designs by staying “a cut above” by pushing the envelope to create masterpieces in design never before dreamt possible. Each Bellarri collector enters a world of timeless elegance. Bellarri’s designs are an incorporation of her personal inspirations and creativity, with a strong focus on the people who will someday own her pieces.

Bellarri embraces a passion not only for design, but to create an inspiring brand of fine jewelry. The Bellarri brand is synonymous with luxury, integrity, elegance and cutting-edge design. As an award-winning artist, Bellarri’s creations showcase a signature style referred to as an “architectural labyrinth” in design – impossible to emulate. Bellarri prides herself in showcasing the natural beauty of the fine gemstones within each creation by paring innovative cutting techniques with regal and rich gemstones. Each piece is exquisitely finished with Bellarri’s signature beautiful gallery work. Intricate channel setting techniques personify the “signature Bellarri style” and give the impression that the gemstones grew organically in the setting of the designs. Bellarri never strays far from her internal philosophy that “A true Artist should capture the eyes, the soul, and the heart with every creation.”

Fashion forward fine jewelry is a universal language. It transcends all cultures and destinations. The pure breadth and depth of the Bellarri brand allows the modern woman the perfect platform to display her own individuality and create her own fashion palette. The timeless beauty of the collections transcends generations. Bellarri’s signature style pushes the envelope to create masterpieces of design. She created a world beyond jewelry… a world of timeless elegance inspired by dreams and romance, and a woman who purely follows her heart.

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