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Jd Challenger - Another Victory
Jd Challenger - Big Chief
Jd Challenger - Buffalo Medicine Robe
Jd Challenger - Captured Power
Another Victory Big Chief Buffalo Medicine Robe Captured Power

Jd Challenger - Circle of the Sky
Jd Challenger - Eagle From Light
Jd Challenger - Hear the Spirit
Jd Challenger - Hold the Buffalo Orig
Circle of the Sky Eagle From Light Hear the Spirit Hold the Buffalo Orig

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Artist Biography
Jd Challenger
Sold or Sold Out
Originals - Peoples of the World
Originals Artist Biography
Sold Another Victory
Big Chief
Buffalo Medicine Robe
Captured Power
Circle of the Sky
Eagle From Light
Hear the Spirit
Hold the Buffalo Orig
Sold Holds the Buffalo
Now We Begin Our Song
Red Ochre
Rough Riders
Simply Black & White Series 1 - 2
Simply Black & White Series 1 - 3
Snow Horse Spirit
Spotted Bird
Studio Study
The Crow Brings the Message
The Thunder Bird Flys Above
Thunder Horse Nation
Too Many Wrongs
Trail of Dreams
Wears the Woden Horse
White Horse
White Horse's Spirit Vision
White Man's Way
Wooden Sword
Work In Progress I
Work In Progress II
Work In Progress III
Work In Progress IV
Work In Progress V
Work In Progress VI

JD Challenger is considered America's leading painter of Native Americans. He learned color, shading, light and shadow from closely observing nature and then drawing what he saw. When he was young, JD Challenger was always fascinated by the culture and customs of the Native Americans near to whom he lived and soon considered his closest friends. JD Challenger absorbed their stories and traditions and sketched his observations of their lives. At first, he was reluctant to show his paintings in public for fear of offending a people he greatly admired. However, upon witnessing a "Ghost Dance" ceremony, JD Challenger discovered his mission With encouragement from friends, JD Challenger showed his paintings to some Native Americans, one of whom was a holy man. JD Challenger was told, "Your path is to tell our story and educate others."

JD Challenger paints the story of a people rich in heritage and tradition. These stories are sometimes poignant, often angry, but always powerful and demanding to be told.

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